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Hip Thrusters Anyone?

I was wondering if anyone else here is utilizing these. Once I added these to my training once per week, it was the quickest I’ve ever seen a muscle group (my ass) noticeably grow. I had best success with high volume (5x10) and I also mixed in the single-leg variation. As far as growth, I saw no advantage to single-leg; however, after a month or so with single leg variation, I noticed larger jumps in my strength on the bilateral version.

Are there any other success stories with hip thrusters here? To me, these have become a staple to my hamstring/glute development. I was hoping for some input from a more experienced bodybuilding perspective. Or perhaps you just want to insert a joke about how you were performing hip thrusters last night with my mom and experienced very rapid growth.

Either way, I’m open to the knowledge/entertainment.

I tried them once got upto 225x5 and the bar hurt the fcuk out of my hips so I didnt do them since.I need to sack up and start doing them again.

One of my favourite glutes/hips exercises… no wonder my ass is massive…

Worked up from 135 to 375 in about a month. But I was also doing a lot of pull thrus and glute/ham raises. I can’t feel my left ass cheek at all, and have issues with my left hip, so I did everything I could to activate. My ass didn’t get bigger per se, it did get wiiiidddeee tho, and it fixed my APT until I stopped doing them.

edit: the hammies responded really well to all of the above.

I hit about 405 on these for reps (15+) and I had to stop after my girlfriend’s head went through the ceiling one night. So. No more doing these I guess.

I do them, along with standing hip extensions (or leg pulls or whatever you call them) on the cable machine. Same as you, the effect was noticeable, much more so than squats, etc.

Yep, I did those once or twice, but considering my glutes are my lower body strong point I ditched that exercise for log lunges.

These really strain my lower back when done on a bench. A more low-back friendly version is to simply lay on the floor. I find this way hits the hammies more, but you can make them work the glutes just as much with a little bit of focus. The ROM is significantly less, but you can pile on the weight.

And instead of the using the padding that wraps round the bar, I use one of the square bits of foam that most gyms have laying around (I’ve never actually seen anyone use these for anything - they’re about 2 inches thick. Lay it on your hip area, and roll the bar into position). Offers much more cushion than the meager bar pad.