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Hip Thrust Stress and Blood Flow

With a heavy barbell hip thrust, you are quickly lifting 4 to 5 plates for 20 reps. This puts a considerable pressure on your body. Could this alter blood flow in the long run, by constricting veins and arteries (if there are some artheries there) ? Or maybe most of the blood flows from behind the bones ? And yes, I’m also thinking about erection quality.


Would you being referring more to your saddle region or to your whole body and the effects of blood pressure spikes or something of that nature?

Effects around this specific region, near the crease of the hip.

Short answer is no. You’ll be fine.

Most of your important stuff is deeper than the few superficial veins you can see and the amount of time you’ll be loading your tissues is short. Be smart (see below) and they should be fine.

Comfort wise probably best to find that sweet spot where the bar sits nicely on you everytime and wear thicker pants + use a barpad/tampon to cushion the bar. You get no bonus gains for being hardcore and getting your nuts or the bony prominences/bits that poke out of your hip bruised. Sounds badass to be lifting 4-5 plates… is that present or future tense? Whatever the case build up gradually so that all your tissues can have time to adapt to the stress. Goes without saying don’t ego lift.

If there is something truly bothering you or there was an acute incident pls refer to a medical professional.

Happy Thrusting

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Thanks a lot !

If your that concern why even worry about doing them?

Can’t do pull trough nor sumo deadlift. This is my best glutes building alternative.