Hip Strength

As far as strength goes, my quadriceps and hamstrings are pretty strong. But my hips are weak as hell, and it really shows by
what my Squat max is. So my question is what are good exercises that I can do in the weight room to strengthen my hips. I’m
already doing Wide-Stance Back Squats to parallel and about 120 degree depth Back Squats as assistance exercises, and they
seem to be working fairly well. But they don’t seem adequate by themselves for a hip strengthing program. So I’m looking for
additional hip strengtheners. Has anyone tried exercises that totally blasted your hips or know of any that will? As an ideal I’m
looking for exercises that don’t put too much stress on the quads, hams, and lower back (for recovery reasons) and ones that can
have a decent carryover to athletic strength (not a very easy task to find). But less than idea can still be worthwhile. I should also
mention that Power Cleans really haven’t worked for me. They tap into my recovery for my shoulders and back. I’m open to any
and all suggestions. Thanks a lot.

Mike Dewald

Sprint cycling

Although it’s virtually impossible to isolate the glutes from the hams and erectors, try cable pull-throughs (pulling a cable trhough your legs ala a cable deadlift), good mornings variations, box squats (sit waaay back on the box) and even the butt blaster machines (don’t laugh) should help.

reverse hypers

I read in an interview with Louis Simmons(guess that’s right) but he mentioned squating from your knees. It supposedly isolates the hips and will increase squat poundages. Check on tmag for the exact article and correct way to do them.

Sprinting. Try 5 sets of 100 with 2 min rest
in between. Makes my hip flexors sore as hell

  • and nothing else does.

Yeah, the butt blaster machine (standing, single arm time) can work the hip from about every angle and really isolate the glutes, hip flexors, etc. Hanging leg lifts can tighten up the flexors at the top of the thigh also.