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Hip Strain

For several weeks now, I’m been feeling a slight strain on my right front hip. I always do plenty of hip stretching prior to my workouts (since I usually do olympic lifs and/or various squats). The strain is not going away though. I have tried applying ice, but it doesn’t go away. It does not stop me from my lifts, but I can feel it under pressure. Any suggestions from the forum? Thanks in advance.

If it is in the joint (not the muscle) you could talk with a chiropractor about it. A Cracker may be able to crack you back into place so you can get after your training again.

If you use an opposite style grip when deadlifting perhaps that is causing some sort of imbalance? Just a thought.


John Jr.

Thanks for the feedback. I believe my strain is more muscular. I’m thinking maybe I should see a ART therapist.

What you should do, is see a good doctor with plenty of experience with athletes. Don’t decide on the type of therapy you will use without knowing with some level of (professional) certainty what the problem is. The diagnosis is very important in deciding what theroputic modality, or combination there of, should be employed.
Hope this helps