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Hip Stability

Over the past few months my hips have been locking up in different places and I have noticed that some muscles have been spasming. I have tried foam rolling and stretching these muscles but they continue to lock up. As a result I am unable to contract my right glute without my right adductor/hamstring cramping up.

The right adductors, left hip flexor and left QL are all very very tight. I keep going to physiotherapists but they send me around in circles just telling me to foam roll the tight muscles. I have tried a heap of activation exercises for the right glute but it seems that as long as those muscles are switched on I am unable to activate it properly.

One exercise that I notice knots up my left QL more after I do it is hip internal and external rotations with a band around my ankle whilst lying on my stomach. I am not sure whether these are helping ease the QL or whether the QL is just doing the job of another muscle.

Has anyone had any similar experience with this sort of issue or have any idea how I can begin to correct it?