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Hip Squat Versus Squat


I'm curious if anyone that has spent any extended time hip squatting (with hip squat belt or dip belt) noticed a great strength disparity between the two?

Logically I would think one would be able to hip squat more as the weight is positioned closer to the ground giving a lower center of gravity. However, my hip squat is around 7 plates (315) and my squat is 525. Thoughts on the disparity? Am I just god awful out of the hole to a point that it would be that dramatically less or has anyone else seen similar disparities?


I don't think the issue relates to the height of the center of gravity. Rather, lowering the bar down the back, lengthens the lever arm with respect to the knee. There is probably a 'sweet spot' on the back that maximizes leverages and the leverage decreases as you go up or down.



How are you setting up for the hip squat? Like, are you standing on boxes and using a dip belt, or do you have specialized equipment?

As for your question, I wonder if having the bar on your back engages the posterior chain more? Or maybe it's just a practice issue.


I have a hip squat belt from spud inc. I stand on benches so that when I hit the ground I'm about 2 inches below parallel.


Unloading totally at the bottom?


Not at the maximal weights on the hip squat. Non-maximal yes.