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Hip/Spine/Nerve Problem?


Hey guys,

I'm really worried right now, after last night's workout, I'm feeling like I should get an MRI done.

I used to have problems with my hip?? I would get pain in the relative area of my left ass at certain times when I would rotate my left leg a certain way. (Not in a way that is dangerous). I went to a doctor and asked him and he said that I would have to have an MRI done in order to find the cause of this. I decided that it probably wasn't that serious and forgot about it, and it seemed to go away slightly. After doing deads last night, it has returned. I notice that it hurts the most when I am laying flat on the ground, have my head slightly elevated (head on 2 pillows) and I lift my left leg. The pain is excruciating, but only when I am in this position. Could this be a spinal problem? A pinched nerve? I would really like to see if someone has any similar experience or knowledge on this before I spend some good money on an MRI. Thanks a ton!


You have just described a dural sheath screen (slump test) that is done to determine whether or not the dural sheath is implicated in any neural problems. There are some other exams you can do to figure out what is wrong with you sans the MRI.

I wish I had some videos to send you of exams I could perform on you.

If you don't want to be billed for an MRI, then call A FEW physical therapists' offices. IF you have something called "direct access" in texas, you can go directly to them to figure out what is wrong with you without a doctor's referral.

The reason I tell you to call a few up is that (like MDs) there are good and bad ones. This is especially the case when it relates to a PT treating a pt. of a weight lifting population. Ask for experience in the field, as well as relating them to weight lifting injuries. (that last question is important, because some PT's may be very experienced, but in a neurological rehab. setting, or a gerontology setting.)

Too bad you are not in Kentucky. I could probably help you out a little better with some hands on treatment and rehab. (especially coming from someone who has read T-Nation for more than 5 years now)

PM me if you have more questions.


Wow, thanks a lot. Sounds like you really know your stuff. I'm going to start looking for physical therapists this weekend.