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Hip Resurfacing and Arthroscopy Needed!

Hi guys, in june I am due for a hip resurfacing op on my right hip and once healed arthroscopy on my left so that it doesnt become as bad as my right one. It talks about the healing process for walking and weight bearing times. I guess im just curious as to how long until I can train legs again. I understand this will be an individual thing. Has anyone had this procedure done? experiences and advice? Thanks for your help and time

I am 32 years old I had the Arthro done on my left hip a few years back it didnt help and eventually got worse. I had the resurface done back In Nov so I am just about 6 mos post op. I strted lifting upper body 3 mos post op with machines and slowly worked my way back into free weights. Doctor cleared me to lift free weights no restrictions at 4 mons. I am doing leg press , alot of single leg work , I was also doing front squats and Even Dead lifts.

Although i have decided to tone it down on deadlifts for awhile until my inbalances are worked out before i go all out. I was cleared to run last month tried it once had some pain decided I might be better off buying a mountian bike and just start riding I want to perserve the joint as long as i can and also have issues on the right side as well that will eventually need to be done. I have six mons follow up next week Hopefully he will cleaar me to do full activity and i can strt pushing it furtehr I have been holding back a little.

My advice would be Take it slow first three months. The begining Physically therapy may seem yuseless or boring but make usre to do it twice a day. Once your cleared to walk walk everyday , swim as much as you can , ride a bike as much as you can , I didnt do as much of that as i would have liked and although i am doing really good I knwo if i had been more disciplined with the walking swimming biking i would be at full strenght right now.

also everyone is different some people are ready to tackle the world at three mons some peopel take a year so do not get discouraged. Lastly stretch as much as you can once you are cleared the scar tissue will tighten right up and reak havoc. If you can afford a Art therapist do it . When i stretch i feel great When I dont i feel like garbage plain and simple . Feel Free to PM me anytime I was happy to see someone post on here about the surgery i have been looking for awhile

also Thereis a web site called surfacehippy that may help andI belive a yahoo group as well that has helped . Good luck You will be happy you did it Sorry for the typo’s at work have to get back

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