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Hip Replacement & Tendonitis or Tendonosis

So I’m on here asking for suggestions. I’m 41 and have been working out on and off for half my life, with a few of those years seriously. So recently I had to stop working out the way the way I like to, unable to do lower body due to leg pain from Osteoarthritis (having hip replacment in a month) and unable to do upper body cause of the tendonitis or maybe it’s tendonosis. I can’t grip very hard at all, so that means no heavy weights. I try to use machines now. I used to live on the free weights. My body composition has already swayed to more fat. I track my calories everyday, but that’s more because I’m a type 1 diabetic and I count carbs. I eat around 2000 calories or less a day and very high on protein. I don’t know how to stop putting on fat and start gaining muscle again without lifting heavy. My body has always responded well when lifting heavy. I’m hoping that my arm will be better after the hip surgery so I can at least do heavier upper body exercises.

Any suggestions?