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hip problems

Hi there, I need some advice, and like always this is the place to go.

I’m Taking kickboxing but my hip is preventing me to performe the way i used to. I thought at first that was lack of flexibility but being more realistic I think that it is lack of strength.
It is there something I can do about it ether with weights or without them
Any exercites, any sites I can get info from.
I have problem rotaring the right leg because of the pain or /and weekness of that hip.
thanks once more this place is priceless.

Your hip is a joint. It’s the muscles surrounding that joint that are tight and/or weak. You’re going to need to be a lot more specific in order for us to help you out.

luis here you go i just copy and pasted this from a post where i just helped a guy with weak hips, do this and your hips will be brougth up to par…big martin

you have to bring up your hips once your body realizes that your hips are stronger than your quads you wont want to squat up at a angle…you will just fire out of the bottom with your hips, you need to also continue to bring up your hammies, abs, and low back but i think your prioity is your hips…add in tons of spread eagle sit ups, ultra wide sumo deadlifts standing on 4 inch box, sled dragging will be a must espicially heavy around the waist dragging and tons of ankle dragging, but the best hip strengthener i have found is low box (10-12 inches) close stance duck squats with the safety squat bar, zercher squats also are good, and kneeling squat also,medium stance good morning squats are great also, and dont forget the pull throughs add in a slight squat for the hips and do high reps 12-20…also other things i can tell you that may help is on dynamic day raise your box for a little bit bring it up to 17 inches and get ultra wide and learn to flex off the box with your hips and when you feel good off the high box go back down to a parrellel box…hope this helps and soon your hips will be stronger than your quads and you wont squat at a angle anymore…big martin

Thanks alot Big Martin I don’t know many of those excersices but I’ll look them up. It seems tha you know what you are talking about, I’ll let you know how it went.
Thanks again


If more info is given, more help would be available.

The truth is that I’m not exactly sure where the pain is.
It is in the right gluteo, very close to the joint it doesn’t hurt if I don’t strech it. Once I was 15 days without training and went away, for a week or so.
Basically I can’t pivot on it without pain which prevents me from kicking hight, or pivotting on it, (which is the most important part of the kick, it is where the real power is, at the hip). It also limits me from improving my flexibility, since that is the first place that hurts while I’m doing flexibility, even before that the inside of the thight which sometimes I’m trying to target . It feels like there is something ((((weak or sick in there))). I had it for 6 months now. I haven’t seen a doctor because it doesn’t hurt when i’m not training. Trying to avoit the pain is destroying my technic, and I feel the harder I push the worse it gets.

Also my hip joints make sounds like they need lubrication or somthing specialy the right one, but it doesn’t hurt when it happens

I tryed to be as specific as i could; however if there is some questions like : does hurt when it rains… or something like that I could answer but i can’t think of anything else.

Thanks a lot I hope to solve this problem but don’t want my flexibility to diminish or the whole point of the quest will be pointless

thanks again

Palpate your greater trochanter (the knob that is high on your femur) Do you feel pain. I’m guessing Trochanteric bursitis/snapping hip syndrome. In which case rest and stretch your IT Band

The grinding you seem to be exhibiting in your hip suggests compression of the joint. This in itself can be causing your problems. The root of the compression is what you need to address.

You say it hurts when you stretch? Given what you’ve described, I would expect that it would hurt to stretch that hip. Unfortunately, stretching is often a practice of finding where it hurts and staying there until it doesn’t.

If the hip really feels ‘sick’ as you say, then seek out a professional to help you with the issue. Just remember that the external rotators of the hip and flexors of the hip all wrap around the head of your femur and will pull the head into the acetubulum (cavity that the femur connects to the hip with) and can cause pain and aggrevation.

Try split squatting. Do a search on the exercise on the home page and compare the range of motion, right vs. left and see if you are limited at all. If there’s any major difference, then that’s probably a good place to start.

Otherwise, you’ll have to find someone who can assess you in person to figure out what’s going on.

I had a problem in my gracilis. It caused pain in my hip that came from the gluteal area. My point? Where the pain comes from is not always the problem. Go see a good ART guy. They should be able to figure something out.

Hey Goldie,

Have you felt any pain worse than getting your Gracilis released?

squattin, good call on the Trochantic Bursitis.

Goldie makes a good point about referrals of pain.