Hip Problems, Weak Hamstrings?

So my left hip has been a bit dodgey for a while, but recently (last 4-5 weeks or so) seems to have got a hell of a lot worse. Few thoughts on this, thinking maybe my quads are pulling it out of position and hamstrings are too weak. This is due to things that have changed in the past few weeks, which may be the cause of the sudden increase in pain/problems;

  1. Moved squatting from low bar to mid bar, by this I mean mid bar is probably what most peoples low bar is, but when I do low bar for me it’s even lower. This means more quad work and less glutes and hamstrings

  2. Tweaked my lower back a while back, stopped doing my defecit stiff legged deadlifts on Saturdays for 3 sessions which equates to essentially 4 weeks without them, meaning less glutes and hamstrings once again. Back is better now (I hope/think) so back to doing them.

  3. Today I did some hamsting curls, did 6 sets of 10 on 50kg, whereas on leg extensions in the past I’ve managed 90kg (maxed out machine) for 20 reps in a row. Major strength defecit in hamstrings?

  4. Doing deadlifts I’ve been finding more and more I’ve been pulling quite far forward, so once more using quads more.

I know that this somewhat of a hard question but could this be the reason or a contributor to hip problems? Anyone else experienced something like this? I am hopefully seeing a physio in a weeks time but just thought I’d throw my thoughts out there.

Its easy to over think things when you get injured; which sounds like your issue here. It’s good to be cautious when you get injured but unless you have a physical therapist at hand whenever you need one it’s better to just have a “shit, I’m hurt, better not do what I was doing until it feels better” than “Maybe it was x, y, x, the weather that day, the stars weren’t aligned.” This has been my experience in the past with injuries and when you start to over think things it tends to leak into your training etc when it doesn’t need to.

Again, this is just my experience and it might be different for you. As for the hip thing, I’ve had something similar to it in the past. I never really found out what it was so I can’t answer your question in that aspect; I think it may be that one of my hip flexors is tighter than the other, but there’s no real way of knowing if it’s the same deal for you. Just my two cents Man. Hope I helped somewhat.

Yeh I know what you’re saying, and I’d 100% agree if it was a sudden thing, but its been a nagging thing since like August (and yes I know I should have got it seen too months ago, but wasn’t bad until recently). As I said I’m seeing a physio in a week so hopefully they can shed light on it. Thanks for the advice thought, I am gonna take time off squats until I know whats wrong/it eases up, a hard pill to swallow though

I hear you. It’s definitely the “fuck…” feeling. Hope it turns out to be something moderate for you man. Best of luck.