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Hip Problem

Greetings all,
New to posting in here (a long time lurker). I have a serious problem developing with my left hip. Primarily when I bottom out in a squat. I would have thought that I have pretty insanely well developed core muscles from doing years of swiss ball work and Renegade training. It feels like my left hip feels like it is out of socket. It hurts to squat. When I do a “hurdler stretch” with my right leg straight out in front of my and my left leg folded back the pain is unbearable. This pain has been hanging around, dully aching from time to time. It doesn’t bother me when I walk.

Anyway, I am going to consult with a doc about it. I just wondered if any of you have had the same experience. I hope it is nothing too serious. I am too young to have a hip replacement.

Sound like a flexibility issue gone bad.

Try seeing an ART practitioner.

When I was in jr high (in other words, a loooooong time ago), we did the hurdlers stretch as you described. Now, the non-stretching leg is usually held forward at an angle, with the sole of the foot against the knee of the stretching leg. Eliminates the twisting at the hip and knee.

I am aware of the alternative to the hurdler stretch, but my complaint is that my hips shouldn’t be hurting in this position. It literally feels like it is out of the socket. Also, the pain is getting to where it hurts in shallower and shallower movements, with little or no weight at all.

My massage therapist specializes in ART, and it has helped some, but I am afraid that I may have more extensive damage.

Is there any particular stretch I can do to isolate that joint? I am pretty experienced and it really chaps me that I don’t have a solution. I am so used to fixing everyone else, I can’t believe I can’t figure this out!