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Hip Problem When Squatting

This might be kinda long, but I’d love some advice, particularly from people who are doctors or physical therapists. I have a problem with my hips, I had it diagnosed about 18 months ago, the doctor said I have “slipped femoral capital epiphicii,” meaning I have enlarged hip sockets. I had never had a problem until high school, when freshman year I was horsing around and banged the left hip on the floor. Since then (I’m now a junior), I’ve had to deal with pain when I squat, particularly out of the bottom. It wasn’t a huge problem, and I tried to stretch them out once a day, as I was told to do. I play DIII football, so squatting’s obviously really important, especially since we get tested on it. My squat went up steadily last year, maxed at 305 for me last spring (nothin special, but I had made a ton of progress). Then this summer I hurt my back squatting, muscle pull or strain, and had to lay off for 4 months. When I started up again, my hips were killin me. I stretched them more rigorously than before, but it’s been more than 2 months now, and it may be worse if anything, but it’s only the left hip. Even with 135 on the bar, I feel it real fast. More importantly, I think it’s making me a lot weaker. I can ignore the pain, it’s not that bad, but the fact that I may not be maxing what I used to be able to get for 3 sets of 10 is driving me crazy. I really need to be able to squat, especially since lunges are out of the question because of the hip. Is it possible I have a calcium deposit or something? One other wrinkle: I’m studying abroad right now (UK), so I’m not all that keen on seeing a doctor. Anyhow, thanks for any advice on the topic.

Not sure what to say exactly. I had a hip problem back when I was playing football too, in fact it got so bad I maxed a 405X3 and couldn’t walk right for a while. Mine was the right hip. Anyway I found that although I could not do squats, I could do 1/2 to 3/4 range deadlifts with a narrow stance. I mean really, when in football or any other sport do you really put your butt on the ground? Anyway you might want to try concentrating on those and then limping your way through your max tests.
Oh.one more thing. I think I read an article by poloquin or staley a while back that said excessive stretching can actually hurt your hips in squatting as it makes the tissues to flexible to keep your femur on the socket well. If you have sockets that are too large that might be even more of a problem.