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Hip Problem, Minimal Improvement


Not an MMA injury but still "combat-related." I'm an Airborne Ranger and I injuried my hip last week on a jump. Bottom line, I hit the ground at about 20 mph directly on my hip. According to the X-rays there are no fractures, which is suprising, do to the lack of ROM and pain.

So after further discussion with the Doc, they suggested that I dislocated my hip and then popped it back in place when I tried to walk on it. After 48hrs. in intensive care, the doctor told me that the hip probably wasn't dislocated and was just swollen and sprained.

I've been out of the hospital for a week and the ROM has improved minimally and is still painful. They've got me in physical therapy but it's some half-ass BS. I want to be proactive with some stablitiy-mobility exercises but also do not want to over do it or injure my hip worse....

Any suggestions on 2nd opinions, any personal experience with hip injuries, and proactive moves I can make to improve.


Have them check for any bleeding in the hip joint. There are blood vessels feeding the cartilage there and if they are ruptured, you will at first have pain (in my case only when it moves) and later have cartilage shrinking. Do not let this slip. It could mean a new job.



Demand a 2nd opinion. Pay to see a civilian doc if they won't give you one.