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Hip Positioning Critique


Hi everyone I just wanted to see what your opinions are about my hip positioning for my deadlift based on this video:

I feel as if my hips are too low for the first rep and too high on the third based on other deadlifters I have seen. Is it okay to have my hips that high?



To me, the second rep seemed the smoothest. On the first rep your hips shot up slightly and on the third, your hips seemed to stay a bit too high.

High hip position is not an absolute disaster since some people just pull that way. The second rep position seems to be a good position to pull from for you.


There is no universally optimal hip position for everyone. Find your strongest position and use it.


By the way, you look pretty damn strong already, once you get your technique sorted out I could see you pulling some crazy weights.


Thanks guys, I think the second rep was best too. I just want to make sure it looks halfway decent and efficient I think I just need more time to dial in form and such.


You’re strong as fuck but I see a few things.

  1. The bar is out in front. Sit back on the heels more.

  2. You seem to be locking the knees out a bit too late, partly a function of hanging the bar out front.

These two things cause you to be lifting off your toes instead of your heels. Once you get this straightened out, look out!

Good luck