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Hip Pain?


Hey I have been lifting for 5 years. For the past couple years I have been experiencing pretty intense hip pain when squatting, that left me limping afterwards. Feels like bone on bone rubbing. I tried to push through it and squat a little less frequently once every 2 weeks, but its still there.

Then while doing heavy lower ab exercises I hurt my left hip flexor. I took it back a notch, but even if I sit up too quickly from a chair or w.e it hurts (sharp pain).

I have been really sick for the past 8-months and haven't been to the gym once, and both, the side of my hip and left hip flexor are still in pain. I feel like they haven't improved one bit.

I have gone too see a sports medicine specialist, but cant afford it and feel like there might be something more too it. Don't know if anyone has experienced anything similar?