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Hip Pain

I have had pain in my right hip area for a few months now. The pain increases after sitting for a extended period of time. I can squat without any pain whatsoever, but if i attempt to do something like reverse hypers for stiff legged deads (basically any hip flexor movemnet) the pain comes back. it does not seems like a muscle or joint issue, but i’m not too sure. I should prob go to the doctor or it, but latly i have not had time. Like i said, it really only hurts when doing hip movemnets or after standing up after sitting for an extended period of time. Has anyone ever heard of this or has had this problem? It started from doing long cardo sessions on the stepper (i can’t stand either). Thanks


It sounds like your Psoas is tight. Try to find person who does ART or Structual Intergration to find out more. Unless I could see you in person, this is all the advice I can give you for right now.