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Hip Pain


I've been searching through old threads, and while it sounds like some people have had some similar hip issues, there was some conflicting advice. Forgive me for re-posting this issue.

I'm having quite a bit of pain in the front of my hips (feels like it's right at the crease where leg meets torso) as I approach parallel squatting (both with and without weight). It also happens on the leg press and if I lay on my back and pull my thighs toward my chest. I can also sometimes feel tightness along the sides of the hips/glutes. After months of taking it easy with squats (deads don't seem to bother them) it's still there and I've become somewhat concerned.

I usually squat low-bar position with a moderate width stance (feet just outside of shoulder width, toes turned out at 30 degrees).

Got a copy of Cressey's Magnificent Mobility and have been doing DeFranco's Agile 8 for a couple weeks as well as goblet squat stretches pre-workout, but still no signs of improvement (and in the past I experimented with the DieselCrew 10 min. AMPED warm-up). I can't remember which thread it was, but Cressey advised someone with similar hip pain to stop stretching the hip flexors as it may have been aggravating the underlying issue. So I've stopped doing the lunge stretches.

What might be going on do you think? Do I just need to stick with the mobility and soft-tissue work for longer? Thanks for the help!

EDIT - Another detail: when I was still squatting through the pain, the pain seemed to be the worst at the beginning and would fade somewhat as the weight got heavier and I got more fatigued.


it sounds like what i was going through.....when you lift your leg up do you sometimes feel a clicking sensation??


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DoXIIVywwic this stretch helped stop the pain within the first session....i used to perform that stretch before squatting and between each set


Hm, I don't think so. I'll get a clicking sensation when doing fire hydrants though. I'll definitely start working that stretch - thanks.


have you tried a chiropractor? and maybe do some isolation work on the glutes?


A chiro is probably a good idea, but probably too expensive for me. I'll definitely try some isolation work on the glutes, but why do you think that might help?

I'm also thinking that maybe I should invest in one of those kneeling chairs for my desk as I spend tons of time coding and working math problem sets.


LOL well that only leaves isolation work of the glutes for 3 weeks, by the way work your obliques, and hamstring too, and lay off the squats for a while mkkkkkkk.

you should use a weight that you can do reps of 12 to 15 with those isolation work, after 3 weeks of working your ass off literally on Glutes,hamstring, and obliques, tell me are you feeling better.

if not then im wrong.