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Hip Pain with Squats?

Hey all. I have a problem I’m not really sure what to do about. I do a mobility routine 1-2 times a day almost every day(including foam rolling) and I do this to work on my mobility for squats. However, I squat and still get pain in my hips somewhat during and especially the day after squatting. 2 days after squatting, I get a weird soreness(not so much pain) in my adductor. Should I lower the weight? Up the stretching?

Also, whenever I hip hinge, there is a weird movement in my right hip like something moving up and down. My knees somewhat hurt, not really, and I feel my lower back during the squat. Following 5/3/1, and I may have started too heavy because I hit 205 for a single once with an extreme amount of effor, and thought I should start with that. I think it was a mistake. Hip now pops when my knee is elevated, not really pain but a bit concerning as it never did that before. If someone has a quick fix without seeing a doctor as I am only 16 I wouldn’t appreciate it. Thanks!

Hey man! I think first things first, videos of squats/deads would help make a diagnosis easier. Aside from that, I have a few questions: When you say mobility routine, what exactly does that mean? What are you doing for that? Do you warm up before you squat? If so, how? Have you had injuries/problems in your hips or knees before? All this will help us get to the bottom of it

I do Alan Thrall’s daily mobility routine that you can find on YouTube here: https://youtu.be/SsT_go-oCcQ
Before squatting I foam roll, static and dynamic stretch, etc. I have never had hip or knee problems before.

Where exactly is the hip pain? Is it just back squats that cause the pain?