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Hip Pain While Squatting


This morning while squatting I started having sharp pain in the front of my hips while squatting. This usually goes away during my warmup, but today I got worse until I had to give up on my last set. I squat wide stance with a low bar placement. Is this a result of tight hamstrings or could it indicate something worse?


couple of possibilities...I just saw the same problem from a powerlifter who was gearing up for a meet this last weekend. (I am doing an internship with an ART guy) Could be tight quads (ie rectus femoris tendon); if this is the case then stretching the quads will help. Could also be your pectineus (this is a hip flexor); same prescription as quad. It could also be your psoas major/minor. Doing a lunge type of stretch will help this loosen up. If the pain persists, ice/ibuprofen and perhaps some ART would be in order.


Does the pain feel like joint or muscle?

For the past couple of months i've been experiencing what feels like joint pain at the top of my legs (hip joint? thigh joint?).

I've started taking Glucosamine & Choindritin to combat this, but its not getting better yet.

Could the pain be muscle, and I just need to stretch more? I've given my legs plenty of rest, and then tried squatting again, but the pain is still there. Help, I really want to squat!


i start all my workouts with dynamic stretches, full Back squats, OHS, and walking lunges to loosen everything up. Any pain during lunges?


Try squatting with a little closer stance, I did this and it helped with my hip pain.

Either that, or do alot of hip stretching.


The pain is definately joint pain, not muscle soreness or anything like that. Usually any pain like that goes away after a few sets, but this time it was bad enough to keep me from finishing my fifth and final set.

This may sound stupid, but how does one stretch the hips?


buy some low quality briefs like inzer power pants to help protect your hips and greatly alleviate pain when you squat.


Well said.

Also, are you box squatting or free squatting?


often times people think of "joint pain" in the hip instead of muscle pain. technically (more often than not) what you are probably feeling is "tendon pain". The rectus femoris tendon is the only quadricep tendon that actually crosses the hip joint, and as stated before is often the cause of the pain.

warm up and stretch plenty using lunging stretches, quad stretches and figure four stretches (basically the entire hip), keep the area warm while exercising and try an anti-inflammatory along with ice massage in the area several times after your workout.


Your hip flexors are sore, take a week off to recover. Some stuff you can't train through. Do you wear squat briefs, if not you will need them to stay healthier longer. Stay strong.


Thanks for the help everybody, I am planning on ordering some squatting briefs next week. It had been a pretty hard week training-wise, I got new PR's on both deadlift and squat that week, so I might just have been a bit beat up. I tried a few light squats this morning and they felt fine, so I figure I will refrain from squatting a couple days more and incorporate more stretching.


Primarily free squatting.


The only injury I could think of would be a labral tear of the hip joint, which may require surgery to repair. Most likely, and hopefully, it is just one of the things the others have mentioned. If it is a labral tear, wide stance anything is probably not much of an option for you.




I used to have hip pain during squats. sometimes I get it after several weeks of sumo deadlift. I moved my stance in and the problem was solved.