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Hip Pain when Squatting

hi all,

so i’m a 17 year old headed towards the tail end of a 3x5 linear progression based around starting strength. Progress has been fine up until lately, when i’ve had to stop squatting due to pain on the outside of my left hip (looking at anatomy charts, i think it’s the tensor fasciae latae if that helps). Basically sinking past 90 degrees triggers pain.

right now it hurts to lift my left knee and then rotate it towards 10 o’clock. My flexibility is pretty solid (i’d been squatting 25-35 deg past 90 up until now) and at the time my mobility wasn’t fantastic-i had stopped doing mobility drills as frequently, and i noticed that with my ankles, my knees were barely tracking past my toes when i squatted. I

don’t have a video of my form, but the best i can describe is that it is a high bar squat, feet about 3 inches past shoulders (maybe a little more) dropping pretty straight down. I understand that this isn’t very helpful, but it’s the best i can do right now.

i should probably add that deadlifting doesn’t hurt, and i’ve a history of poor left hip mobility as a result of my throwing mechanics in baseball. That said, i did spend the end of my summer and early fall working often on mobility, and by mid fall my left hip was in a good place in that regard.

i’m wondering if anyone has something they can contribute as to a potential cause, what i can do, and future prevention. Thanks in advance.

I got that - same side, too. Lighter weights didn’t hurt it but once it got past 60% of max it started to hurt. I took my stance out wider and that helped up to 80%, but I had to do stretching adn foam rolling and just leave it alone for about a week as far as weightlifting went before I could lift heavy again.

i strained my right hipflexor back in november, it was pretty painful. i have a shoulder width squat, but i think my problem was that i was not stretching long enough. i took a month off lower body work, but the pain did not subside, so i had to take an extra month off.

i did a lot of stretching and took nsaids during my time off.i got me a foam roller and have been using it pretty consistently. i just got back in the gym and i will be stretching good before each lower body workout.

im in my 50’s though and it took every bit of two months for my hipflexor to get better,you are young so maybe for you it wont take that long to overcome.