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Hip Pain When Deadlifting and Squatting


Hey guys, long term lurker but decided to make an account for this post. I need some advice on recovering from a recent injury and T nation has always been a great source. Considering how specific my injury is I'm hoping to get some extra ideas on how to do the rehab.

Long story short: I've been training for four years, first on Starting Strength and the last two on variations of Wendler's 5/3/1. I am 5"7, 12% 174lbs (BF is an estimate). Pr's are (5 rep maxes) DL - 440x5 / SQ 305x5 / PR 158,7x5 / BP 250x5. Numbers might be off by a tad as these were last bulk's PR's and I don't have my training log on me atm.

When I started out training I would get a little sore in the right hip (where the SI joint is located) when squatting sometimes. A doctor later told me it's because the SI joint there is less mobile causing imbalances. Checked form, Pain eventually went away and spent the next three years training without any injury.

Two weeks ago I felt a some pain in that joint return, but nothing serious so I did my squat and deadlift days as planned. A little sore afterwards which went away the next day, so I thought the problem would solve itself. Unfortunately the pain blew up on my next DL day where I had to walk out of the gym after a single rep on my work sets because it felt like someone was stabbing a knife in my back. Spent the next two days in pain where I could not bend my back properly to pick stuff off the ground. That was last week, now I feel fine in all day-to-day activities. It only hurts when I try to lift something heavy (starts at about 60kg/130lbs for squat and dl), which is unfortunately kind of the point in what we do.

What puzzles me is how specific the pain is:
- I never feel it in day-to-day activities
- Never hurts when I run HIIT or do any other form of cardio
- Never hurts when I give my weights aerobics class (light weights)
- Only hurts badly in deadlifts starting at 130lbs
- Same for squat but less painful
- I can however do front squats with raised heels relatively pain-free.

Based on other's threads and experiences it's either an SI joint problem or a tear/inflammation of the hip stabilisers. My chiropractor gave me some hip stretching exercises but I'm seeing a physician aswell as I think an MRI might be a good idea. In the meanwhile I'm not sure what to do. I hate sitting around on my hands so all ideas are welcome.

Thanks in advance for your time!


I have had problems with Si joint and it was due to hypermobility and i have to say it has been a pain in the ass literally and figuratively. Get a second opinion about whether its hypo or hyper. Hypo is not as big of a problem as hyper.

If its the second then you are fucked. The only treatment for that is lowering the weights significantly and doing something like prolotherapy or fusion to the Sacrum. Heper will get better as long as not aggrevated and so in a lot of cases people are forced to stop doing all aggravating exercises. For me even butterfly stroke leg kicking aggravates it badly. Hopomobility can always be helped with stretches and mobility exercises.

For sure get that Mri. Use ice meanwhile and dont go trying squatting or deadlifting until the problem has been properly identified.