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Hip Pain When Bench Pressing

Does anyone else get this? I think it’s from tight hip flexors?

Basically I try to set my feet properly like a powerlifter so I can use my legs to help develop power but the outside of my hip often hurts and tightens up when pushing my limits.

I think maybe side band walks a couple days a week when not pressing would help?

Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated


yea i get it too, my hips shuck mang.

Foam roll your TFL/IT band and do glute activation/hip mobility pre-workout and on your off days. It might be an overactive TFL taking over for weak glutes.

IANAPT, but foam rolling isn’t going to hurt (actually, yes it will, but I meant figuratively).

I get that. Foam roll, and stretch the hips and glutes.

i dont think its cause i have weak glutes. i get DOMS in my glutes every leg day, even from leg pressing. i think if anything im glute dominant over my quads.

can you guys post something as to where i can actually see these hip foam rolls? so long as it isnt overly complicated im definately willing to give it a shot, i relly dont like having awful hips.

You can get a whole PDF book on myofascial release (foam rolling, the stick and tennis ball techniques) for free from Mike Robertson in the Author’s Locker Room section.