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Hip Pain When Adding In Squats

I’ve started to get hip pain which I think is related to working out.

I get it at the front and slightly to the side of my hips. Today it was rather bad and I had to get up off my chair at work. It’s like a constant light nipping pain.

It comes on every time I try to bring squatting into my workout - although I thought switching to front squats only might help.

Anyone know what may be causing this, how to fix it and how to avoid it?

stretch, fish oil, check your form.

My guess is hip flexors? Tight or just not used to the excercise? I get a little twinge of discomfort sometimes during heavy squats/box squats.

How wide do you squat? My hips used to hurt when I first started squatting wide. Since then I have gain more mobility in my hips and they don’t bother me anymore.

HunterKiller, what would the fish oil do?

SGDerek, it’s like a really tight pain. Can be quite unbearable when I’m sitting down.

Pemdas, I’m doing front squats with a pretty narrow stand - just beyond shoulder width.

Been doing these stretches which really provide relief:


And been treating it with heat, which has helped.

Yup - his flexors. I get them sometimes too. Keep stretching them and it should clear up.

Thanks SGDerek - is it just a muscle strain then?