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Hip Pain/Training Upper Body Only


Hey guys,

i have had on and off hip pain for months after deadlifting and squatting so i finally decided i need to take a rest. now any pressing excerciss- leg press/step ups/ lunges aggravats it..

i decided i need to give it a long rest , get an mri, and train upper body only for a month or two being that this pain is on, then goes away then i hit it hard and it comes back.

does anyone have experience in this?

i only have been working out for less than a year and loss 40 punds (i was very overweight). very fustrated feel like im wasting my time in gym doing upper only? not in good spirits.


'hip pain' is very general. can you be more specific? have you looked at anatomy pics? where does it hurt??


right there!


Looks like it could be psoas or sartorius? Definitely seems likely to be a hip flexor issue. What is your lumbar positioning like, posture-wise?


hahahahaha. those annoying little muscles drive me completely bonkers, too.

main culpret:

sitting on yer butt.

which places them in a shortened position. over time they become shorter.

then it becomes much more comfortable to sleep with them curled up a bit, too.

which places them in a shortened position.

you get the idea.

then when you do your stuffs trying to stretch them out (e.g., standing quad stretch, lunges) you get some really bad knots in them!

this is long. and in many ways really very boring. but it might help you out a lot:

maybe it isn't these muscules... but worth a look...

some people do get them surgically lengthened... but you can do it with soft tissue work. you can.




i agree that you are wise to be cautious about loading up your squats and deads because of the pain. i do think that rehabbing that region should be a priority, though.

when the flexors are tight the glutes are inhibited. they can't be activated the way they are supposed to. site search 'x band walks'. you will need to do things to wake-up the glutes.

i'm working really hard on this right now. i'm learning (very slowly and gradually) to get a sensation of pushing myself with my glutes rather than pulling myself with my hip flexors. for things like standing up squats or stepping up. it is coming slowly because my glutes are very weak after years of inactivity.

i think it is fair to say that the significant majority of people have trouble with these pesky little things. don't be surprised if you gotta spend 10 or 20 minutes doing stretching / rolling / chilling out drills on your hip flexors and activation / strengthening drills on your glutes before you can train your lower body. lots of help from this site via site search.