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Hip Pain (Tensor Fasciae Latae)


Anyone ever get pain (seems muscular) on the outside of your hip? The pain originates in the hip, right near where the femur connects. Sometimes it goes a little further down what feels like my IT band. It hurts when I bring my leg across my body (i know this is an unnatural motion) and for a couple days after I squat.


Yes. I have had severe IT band friction syndrome with trochanteric bursitis. I've had both trochanteric bursa injected. I also believe I have had a partial tear of the Left TFL, as my leg buckled during a squat workout and about a week later, there was subcutaneous blood by Gerdy's tubercle.

The strategies I found useful were:

  1. stretching of IT band, both in standing with leg straight, and in a half knee position (leg bent).

  2. foam rolling

  3. glute medius strengthening - lateral lying leg raises, lying 'clam shell', standing lateral leg raise, hip hiking

  4. adjusting stance, more narrow - consider adjusting toes out/in

  5. adjusting shoewear - flat feet or high arches can exacerbate the symptoms

you may need to go through a period where you back off on your volume to focus on the rehab aspect before bringing up your training volume. post a vid of your squat, we may be able offer some advice on technique, which my help.



Here's a vid of my squat. This was a little over a year ago, but form hasn't changed very much since then. Thanks for your comments and suggestions.


There isn't anything overtly problematic that would cause your IT band symptoms. The only suggestion I would have to offer based on this video is:

  1. try to sit back further at the bottom of the squat. There is a brief period where in your attempt to keep a vertical position, your knees drift forward.

  2. You can also try bringing in your stance a bit to see if this helps your pain.

  3. Try doing some paused squats (at the bottom) and try different foot positions (i.e different rotations). See which one feels best, and try training with that foot position.