Hip Pain, Possible Torn Labrum

Hey all, sooooo… I’ve got a problem, acording to web MD I am exhibiting all the symptoms of a torn labrum, basically it hurts like fuck to squat in the left hip and deadlifting feels like my pelvis is going to snap in two at the pubic symphasis (nice image, eh?). My buddy has a torn labrum and I’m meeting up with him today to see my range of motion, etc see what he thinks; I also just made a doctors appointment for right after x-mas to get a specialist referal.

So, worst case scenario, orthroscopic surgery to clean out the joint, which is no gurantee for a permanent fix…
:-(… best case scenario- its a strained hip flexor (crosses fingers). I’m wondering what type of training i can do for my lower body… this is going to majorly blow if i can’t squat or deadlift… Maybe i’ll have to be a 'bench specialist" (shudder) and do bench only meets… I was thinking of picking up some squat briefs to take some stress off the hip as its at parallel and below it hurts (oddly enough it doesn’t hurt when i’m on my toes???), in the mean time i think that step ups with not to high of a box so my hip doesn’t bend to much, rack deadlifts should also be viable as its the lower portion of the lift that kills…

ok… ramble over, thank you so much for any and all help!


I had a torn labrum in my throwing shoulder from baseball. Lol good lord I would not want to go through that with a hip.