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Hip Pain... Help Please!

This past Saturday I did my usual squat routine. I squat with a fairly wide stance, below parallel depth. All went well with the work out. On Sunday, my hip began to hurt deep inside the joint. I have no idea what is going on. It hurts like hell. The joint feels like it needs to pop, but I have been unable to get it to. I know that you probably need more info, if so, just ask the questions that will help you provide me with advice. I have scheduled a visit with an ART therapist for Monday, but desperately need relief before then. Any advice?

Go to a chiropractor. I see one once a week. With all the squats, deadlifts, cleans and such, I figure regular maintinence is better that having to get a major problem fixed. Plus my chiro is a fine as shit, intelligent lady in her early-mid 30’s. Wow!!!

The ART guy is a chiropractor. But he is out of town until Monday. So I am looking for something I can try myself to get me through 'til then. It hurts like a sumbitch.

The pain in your hip might be due to your wide stance squatting. I had a friend who squatted wide for power and he had to stop because he blamed the hip pain he was having on his squat stance.

He took two weeks off and the pain went away completely. When he returned to squatting he did so with a more narrow stance, less than shoulder width. He never again had hip pain!

I am sure there are plenty of people who squat with a wide stance and never have any hip pain. We are all different biomechanically.

It’s really hard to know. There are so many possible causes: muscle sprain, tendonitis, bursitis, various levels of damage to tendons, various levels of damage to ligaments. . .I’m afraid of giving you inappropriate advice (not a doctor, etc.) My husband often has hip pain like this, and I wish someone knew what to tell him, too.

Two obvious causes for pain are muscle spasm and inflammation (which accompanies any kind of injury). You said that you did your “usual” routine implying that you squat like this frequently. Then the pain started a day later, and it feels like your hip needs to pop. So it seems like it could possibly be a muscle spasm or sprain, which can be incredibly painful. (Of course, muscle spasms can accompany structural damage too, so you have to be careful.) If this is the case, the following might help and can’t hurt:

  1. Anti-inflammatory diet including LOTS of fish oil.
  2. Magnesium, which relaxes muscles.
  3. Massage.

Heat application can help to relax muscles, too, but use your judgment. If there’s a lot of swelling, don’t use the heat. I get spasms in my lower back, and 10 minutes of heat helps a lot.

Also, pain relievers can be helpful. I find Aleve the most helpful for inflammation, followed by Motrin IB. For some reason, generics of these drugs don’t work as well for me. Aspirin is also good. (Don’t take these together, obviously.) It’s not good to take these for chronic, ongoing pain, but they can provide so much relief for the acute stages of injury and pain, I think they’re worth using initially.

I found some useful-looking diagnostic information about the hip at http://www.coventrypainclinic.org.uk/jointpain-hip.htm and http://www.coventrypainclinic.org.uk/musclepain-backhipandbuttock.htm

Hope this helps and good luck!

I do not know if my stance caused it. My stance is a little bit wider than shoulder width, feet pointed slightly out (inline with my femur at parallel). I started squatting in this method to releive the tension on my left knee. I have found that this is about the only way I can squat without aggrevating the tendonitis in my left knee and to have this hip thing come on like this has been really disheartening. It seems that every time I start making serious progress in the gym, some injury sidelines me for a while. In the last year and a half I have dealt with a broken bone in my foot, a dislocated shoulder, the tendonitis thing, and now the hip. So more or less this post has been a lame excuse to bitch about my shitty luck. But thanks for the advice peeps.

Andersons, thanks for the links.