Hip Pain from Squats and Deads

Hi all

recently i have developed some discomfort in my left hip, this is usually present through out the day but is at its peak after squats and deads.

I can’t quite describe the sensation, its sort of like a pinching/ pulling feeling. its mainly around my the front/ side of my hip.

I also feel this sensation when I bring I my knee up to my chest. I can also feel the strain. I can also feel it if i were to bend to the right, if that makes sense.

I have been foam rolling and doing some mobility drills but nothing seems to work.

any ideas?


Need help plz

[quote]AndyLegacy wrote:

Need help plz[/quote]

Could be any number of things. None of us can diagnose you. Could be really tight hip flexors, psoas, glute med, etc. Or it could be something far worse. So you need to go to a doctor and get evaluated.