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Hip Pain During Squats/DLs


So whenever I'm in the top half of a movement such as squats, deadlifts, or good mornings (anything where I'm extending at the hip joint) I get pain in the front of my hip just at or below the waistline. It's pretty much only on my right side too.

It's only bad when I go relatively heavy or for high reps, but lately the weight at which it becomes painful has been getting lower and lower. I'm squatting less than I was 6 months ago. I don't know if I just need to stretch it out really good or what. Any tips are greatly appreciated! It sucks watching your numbers go down and not having any idea what to do about it.


is it traveling down the groin area, or more so down the inner thigh? Could be psoas issue


Thanks for the feedback Billy.
Just from googling it, it looks like it could be the psoas. I don't really think it's in the groin. It's more at the very top of my leg, and slightly inward from there. Sorry, I might not be describing it very well but I'm trying. Any ideas on what to do for something like that?


given that you are suffering from actual pain, i would look into seeing a medical profressional. I would take a look into some psoas/hipflexor stretching techiniques. Theres many different avenues to go down through different assements for hip internal rotation to glute activations.

Right now, i would see if the standard half kneeling hip flexor stretch causes any pain. if not, i would do some bridging exercises to draw blood into the glutes. when you bring your hips off the floor squeeze the HELL out of ur glutes and then follow it with hip flexor stretching - if there is no pain. go back and forth a few times and try your squats or deads.

this is no away intened to tell you what your definitive issue is, but could be a starting point. given you are experiencing pain i would see a medical profession.