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Hip Pain During Squating and Deadlifting


Hey fellas, so I just started training consistently, and the last couple weeks when i deadlift and squat, my hips hurt like hell during the whole movement. i squat wide and pull sumo, i dont know if i should try straightening my feet out a bit or what? im about 225 and my squats at 365 and deadlift at 405, i know weak as hell haha. but i dont know if this is just caused by weak hips, or bad technique or what?


My hips used to hurt like hell during squatting and afterwards for days. Is the pain in the joint or the soft tissue/musculature? I had pain both places. For the joint, I started taking fish oil, vit D, and a glucosamine chondroitin complex. For the musculature, I started stretching, concentrating on the hip area, almost daily except pre workout. Pre workout I did a dynamic mobility warm up such as DeFranco's agile 8.

I still get a little more sore in my hip flexors than I think I should considering they aren't prime movers in either movement. A little foam roller action on them helps tremendously.

Deadlifting never really bothered me because I am one of those high hip rounded upper back pullers who don't squat down much and use a lot of lower back.


thanks man, and ya its in the joint, I have some glucosamine and chondroitin pills i just need to start taking them regularly


Foam rolling hip flexors.. how? Do you just lie down and roll away? Any angles involved?


Start hammering the mobility work, hard for powerlifters to have too much mobility in the hips. I am particularly fond of this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EbO6klMhYf0


A softball works even better for your hips. You can really target the problem area. There are times I just lay with it on the pressure point for 20 seconds then start to move.


Try taking walks and doing mobility work on your off days. especially walks.