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Hip Pain & Driving


Just curious about this one......

Does anyone else suffer from hip pain after driving for, say, 45 minutes or more?

If so, any solutions?



Are you getting the pain on both sides? When you say hips do you mean more the side of the legs? I have IT band pain and it worsens with prolonged driving. I think it has to do with the pressure of my leg mass pushing the IT bands outwards and the seats (which curve up along the sides) also exerting pressure.

Maybe try getting a seat cover.



yeah in my hip flexors. i stretch like a mofo to counteract it.


Hip Flexors is right where its at!!!!!!! Mainly on the right leg for me.....I have gone as far as using a light dynaflex band to keep my right leg from internally rotating so much while driving.



Your best bet would be to pull over, stand up and walk around and perhaps stretch. (obviously this can be inconvenient, but it would help I'm sure)

In the seated position the hip flexors can become chronically tight. Do you get the same feeling when at the computer for a while?


Doesn't seem to be near as much at the computer as driving. I have talked to a few other folks who seem to have the same problems.


now the big question: stick shift or automatic? my hips bug me a lot more when i drive stick.


I've also found that the type of car I'm driving has a lot to do with problems (lower back for me)

My car I can drive cross country with no back pain, most other cars after an hour it starts hurting.


YES!! My right hip kills me after driving for an hour or more. It sucks and i don't know what it's from. One would guess it's from limited mobility, but I have no problems squatting really low in a wide stance or narrow stance, nor any dead lift variations. What gives?




I'd be curious to find out how this thread would be recieved in a couple of the other forums, like the over 35 lifter.


Me too.


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I guess you could drive a stick to even out the pain.


have u ever tried using foam rollers on your IT bands and hip flexers? I use rollers and bands to loosen up.


Worker, do you drive with your wallet in your back pocket ? Don't !!!! This throws your back off something fierce. You'll have pain in your hips and lower back from this.


No, I don't drive with a wallet in the back pocket. I'm really not sure why I get that pain.


I used to get that but freehand squats cured it. Lower yourself ALL the way down and let your hip joint go loose, just like if you were sitting on a very low stool. Let the hip joints roll forward. Don't let any muscle be tense. Then, slowly raise yourself and repeat. Roll the hips through the full range of motion.

For some reason, exercising the joint in this way eliminated all my hip pain. But remember, EVERY muscle must be relaxed at the bottom position. (I discovered this while martial arts training, teaching myself to come to fighting readiness when in a completely relaxed position.)

Good luck!



I also suffer from pain in the hip region from time to time and just last month it became so irritating that I brought it up to my family doctor. Now the pain that I had actually was reaching around to my lower back also.

According to the Doc, there is a band of muscles that run on an angle through the hip area and connect around back. (He showed me on the anatomical chart and I am horrible with describing this). Anyway, he said one of the worst things that we do is get into our cars one leg at a time. He said it would be best if we would sit down first and then swing our legs in, not step in with the right leg, sit down and then bring in the left leg. Apparently this motion has the tendency to aggravate the area in the hip and then gets magnified when driving. He advised doing it the "correct" way until the pain went away.

Take it for what its worth.

Of course I didn't listen. Couldn't bring myself to get into my truck like I was 80 years old with a walker. :slight_smile: