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Hip Pain, Can't Stretch or Train

Hey, help me please with my problem. I have got pain in my right hip and right butt cheek. Any attempts of stretching it or training my glutes lead to more pain. I have hyperlordosis and it’s hard to fix it when you can’t do most important exercises for it.

Lower back pain and tension also exist, but thar’s a minor problem. Anyone knows what can I do (except of going to a rehabilitant)?

Up to now best things for my hip/ass/lower back area were slow runs on the soft surfaces, stretching other areas (chest, calfs), sport massages. I have already made big progress but now I have stopped and I am not moving forward. What can I do to release tension from my hip flexors without creating even more pain (except sport massage which are very good but a little bit to pricey for me).

If you want to know what caused this injury, it’s hard to tell. I had MRI and discs are ratehr OK. Bad posture + tennis playing + strenght sports. That could be it…

PS. From time to time I have those painless and tensionless days and on those days it looks like I have quite good mobility…

PPS. Sometimes, this pain becomes so strong I barely walk. Usually when there is some additional stress (both physical and psychological)…

Not at all what you wanted to hear, but you have to visit the doctor.

Rest it aswell?

QL and paraspinal trigger points refer pain to the low back, hip and glutes. Start there with trigger point therapy and work your way down to the piriformis and gluteus medius and minimus. This should help with the hyperlordosis as well.

Research Piriformis Syndrome. Check out threads on Letsrun.com. Try changing shoes, foam rolling, keep it warm. Do non-impact, non weight bearing exercises that promote blood flow. Bicycling may not be a good idea if your position on a bike causes any hamstring stretch… Try to keep your stress down.

Seeing doctors or physical therapists will not be a good way to keep your stress down.

If you find anything that helps that I haven’t listed, please let me know.

I agree,

Use a baseball, tennis ball, or handball and start doing some soft tissue work on the gluteus min, medius, and maximus. Also get some work in on the TFL and QLs. Once you get out all the scar tissue maybe youll benefit more from stretching.

Read everything Eric Cressey, Mike Roberston,bMike Boyle and Bill Hartman. The stuff above is just the start. This pain is a sign that something isn’t right