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Hip Pain - Back Squats and Deadlifts


basic info- 26 yrs old 150lbs powerlifter.

a few months ago I was squatting very often with alot of intensity I worked up to a raw squat in the mid-upper 400s daily I started to have hip pain but pushed through it for awhile, after a month i dialed my training back to something more reasonable and was still able to squat 400 for multiple reps, the pain would come and go. eventually i decided i needed to take some time off form training all together to let the hip get better I took a few weeks off came back and the hip pain is even worse

last week i was able to squat 320 for 5 this week i could only get 285 for a single before the hip pain prevented me from continuing deadlift is the same I pulled 285 for a double and it was painful and difficult

the pain is in the outer part of my hip and doesnt really occur anyother time in my day to day life, if i dont back squat or deadlift first i can usually front squat with no pain.

any rehab advice would be greatly appreciated, I have foam rolled the shit out of it done mobility drills/stretches regularly and even taken nearly a month off and nothing seems to fix it.

I do not have insurance and cannot afford to go to a doctor.

if you need any other info about the injury to help me out just let me know


I think you should save the money and go see a soft tissue (ART, Graston, etc). A lot of them charge by the minute and it only takes a few minutes each session. Most providers will also work with people who don't have insurance.

When you say outer hip, are you referring to the TFL (Tensor Fascia Lata) area? I have issues with mine as well.


Thanks for the tip I'll look for an ART specialist in the area. It's not the TFL the pain feels deep in the glute, for awhile I thought it was just pressure on the sciatic nerve from a tight piriformis(this is where the pain is during the lift). but sometimes it feels like the pain is actually in the joint of the hip(usually post lifting the joint will ache)


That sounds like bursitis.


I had burstitus in the shoulder years ago, I took a few months off from benching, is no squats/deads the solution for my hip?


Yes, I think so. Specialize in bench or overhead press while your lower body heals? sprint without pain. I bet you can find a leg exercise that you can do in the meantime while you take a break from SQ and DL. Can you Do you have access to a leg press? If so, see if that hurts. If not, sub them in for a few months. When you say it hurts post workout, is that immediately? A few hours later? The next morning?


immediately after and then sometimes the next day. I can usually front squat with no pain, I do not have access to a leg press.

sprints is a great idea


I would also add in that you should look up Mike Boyle's stuff on single-legged exercises. These require great leg strength with minimal external loading (like single leg squats) and are just good to know how to do. You can still keep your squat numbers respectable while you take a break.

-- jj


thanks, I have read mike boyles stuff on unilateral leg work(to be honest i mostly just threw it out I'm a pler and squatting is my baby).
I have been incorporating pistols maybe I should incorporate some bss and heavier 1 leg deads.
def ought to go back and reread it with my new busted up position


I wish you well, I have struggled with hip pain in the outer portion of my hip for over a year now. I went to my internal medicine guy. He took X-Rays that revealed I had mild Arthritis. I took anti-inflammatory pills for 3 months and did extensive physical therapy ($155/visit) The pills did nothing. The physical therapy loosened up the area but did nothing for the dull pain. The physical therapist was excellent and noticed posterior hip and glutes where weak incomparison to my quads and core.

I am working on strengthening those muscles now. After about 5 visits to the Physical Therapist, he recommended that I go to another specialist. I went to a sports focused othopedist. He gave me a cortisone shot on Monday and wants to see how that goes. If this does not work, I go in for the MRI. He thinks it is a form of tendonitis around the hip joint, which used to be diagnosed mostly as a Hip Bursitis. Keep me updated on your progress and I will do the same...So far my hip feels better after two days of hell after the shot, I am going to test it this weekend


thanks for the info.
I will keep you updated, today i squatted with a wide stance and the pain was less significant got up to 365 dropped the weight back down and my left leg felt like it collapsed


One thing I think I am going to try is Unilateral Leg exercises for the next week and then incorporate them in my trainging. I think my hip stablizers have been underutilized. I was doing front squats as well and deadlifts (with deadlift U bar) thinking those would be easier on my hips. I don't think my hips were getting worked enough. I am going to try unilateral exercises and some hip thrust into my program. I will let you know how it goes.....