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Hip Pain at Bottom of Squat


Hey guys,

This problem been really bothering me for a year now. I think it first happened a year ago when I was started doing Power Cleans and it's hard to describe.

Anyways the pain occurs when I'm at the bottom of my squat and it feels like it's around the front hip area near the hip flexors. It seems like a minor muscle because that's the only time during regular movements when it hurts. During stretches, it hurts when I pull my knees together and into my chest while lying on my back. Or in the sitting groin stretch position when I push down on my leg. Those positions are the only times it bothers me, I don't feel it doing anything else.

I'm just trying to figure out what muscle or tendon might be strained here, and what I could do fix it.


i had a similar problem earlier this year and finally when to a PT after 8 months of squatting with pain. He diagnosed me with a stain right hip ADDUCTOR(groin). The inflammation and muscle spasms was causing the pain. Treatment: massage therapy, muscle releases, stretches and pulls. A painful process!

Rehab: lying single leg lift, lying clam shells, crab walk with bands, foam roller, and foam ball then heat pack for 10mins. i also had a weak right abductor(outer hip) and weak left adductor (groin) which probably lead to the injury. i suggest going to a PT at least once for the massage therapy and muscles release, its really something can't do yourself. The rehab stuff you can do at home.


I was wondering if somebody could also help me out. I have a pain in the outside of my left hip. It only hurts when I try and stretch the adductors on my left leg so the pain radiates from around the TFL and near outside of the hip flexor. Also weakens my squats at times


Could be ITB (Iliotibial band). Strengthen abductor and glutes, focusing on movement ratter than weight or stretch. Do not over extend or use to much weight. As mention a lot time cause of pain is due to inflammation and muscles spams. Foam roll, heat pack, and rehab (stated above) is only thing u can do without going to the PT.