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Hip Pain After Poor Deadlift Technique


The other day I was doing some speed deadlifts (about 60% of 1RM) and my form started getting sloppy towards the end of the workout - my lower back was rounding too much.

Anyway later on in the day my right hip just started to 'ache' like a bitch, and I've had the same pain for about a week. The 'ache' radiates down the front of my hip into my quad and I lose some strength in that leg.

It also starts to ache more when i've been sitting down for more than 45 minutes.

I'm thinking it may be due to a overly tight hip-flexor, although if that isn't the case I don't want to start stretching it and making the problem worse.

Does anyone have any ideas on what stretches/structural work I can do to alleviate this aching pain?


Wow! No response on this one? BBB? Is the pain in the hip on the outside around the TFL area or in the front around the flexor or even on the inside? Reason I ask is because I also have some hip issues which started off with one hip and after 9 months turned into both hips. Mine is localized on the outside almost right on top of the hip joint and the TFL.

Any hip flexion hurts pretty bad so squats and leg press are out. Oddly enough I can dead lift just fine. But your right, after sitting for a few minutes it really hurts when those muscles have to fire to get up out of the chair. Sucks!