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Hip Muscle Hurts


This is weird..I've never had this either..but the left side of my hip muscle hurts..only when i squat..and do certain movements that like..would involve a lot of hip action..I can run and stuff..but when I squat with weight and stuff..it definatly feels fucked up and weak..and hurts..what is this..and how can i cure it??



Also should I lay off from squats and stuff for now and wait till it fully heals, or should I just keep doing it even though it hurts..it's hard not to train.



Sounds familiar. Here's a link to a similar thread. In my post in that thread I pasted a response from Michael Hope, from Elite, to a similar question I asked.



Find out which muscle it is and stretch it. It's probably contracting all the time, causing pain.

I had a problem like this. It was tight hip flexors. Now I stretch them before I squat and have no problems getting down there.


You might want to try icing the spot for a couple of days while backing off on the squats for those few days. That should cure it, as long as it is not a serious injury.


How exactly do you stretch the hip flexorors ? Thx


Imagine a long lunge right.... When you come down from the lunge, plant the rear knee on the ground and don't allow it to move from this position. Now slowly and gently move your hips forward. You should feel the stretch on the front hip (hip flexors).

The further out you have your front leg, the more intense the stretch will be.


Thanks for the reply Sxio!


Thanks a lot guys. Very useful information..it's already starting to feel better from the methods above :)!!