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Hip Mobility

Whats up guys, my name is Jonnie Candito and I am a powerlifter competing in the USAPL and post on this site often. I also make videos as well and wanted to share this one. The key points are as follows

  1. Explosiveness and flexibility should be worked together
  2. Volume doesnt need to be high, just consistent and clean to gain flexibility
  3. It is best to do these after heavy leg days, not before. Surprisingly I have found these plyometric movements to reduce soreness more than anything else.
  4. 5 Exercises, Anywhere from 1-3 times a week.

Thats all, let me know what you guys think! These movements have really helped me stay injury free my entire lifting career while being able to comfortably squat ATG if needed. Thanks

Can you post a link? Embeds won’t show up on my iPad