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Hip Machines for Speed

I just started a speed program in Fargo, ND. Frappier Sports Acceleration and Training (F.A.S.T.), and they stress using the hip machines. Why does this seem like somewhat of a new concept? Maybe its just me but the hip machines always seemed like they were geared more towards female use. I thought they were more for toning the hip muscle that serves as “cosmetic muscle” (if that exists). Has anyone else gone through these programs or even know what I am talking about?

Are you talking about the adductor/abductor machines or the machine used for hip flexion/extension? I could see the flexion/extension movement being used to help develop speed

These machines work in what sort of motion? Like how you Olympic lift and open up the hip angle from the start of the 2nd pull to finishing it?

If so I can’t see why you don’t just do an Olympic type of movement. No machine needed, just a barbell, some weights and a person that knows how to coach it.


I like using the multi-hip machine as an auxillary exercise. I feel it hits the hams in a way that stiff legged don’t. I used to belong to a gym that had a Keiser multi-hip machine and it was awesome. I understand that Mike Powell used to do some work on the Keiser as well.