Hip/Low Back Pain Secondary to Car Crash

Hey folks,

About 9 months back, was struck by a vehicle. Was in the hospital for a bit and was out with a left knee MCL/ACL partial tear along with some minor cracked ribs and some other, minor stuff that’s since healed.

A few months later, I’m feeling good, go for a jog. Cramp in the right gluteal region (armchair diagnosis-piriformis), extends to significant low back pain and radiating nerve pain down the legs. In hindsight, I had been almost totally sedentary after the crash, likely leading to weakness in important stabilizing muscles.

I’ve gone to PT for some time now, and have resolved many of the issues that bothered me, but some low back pain persists (armchair diagnosis-SI joint and QL muscle). I think my PT is solid, but he doesn’t come from an athletic background and I feel like we aren’t quite on the same page in terms of what I’d like to get back to (judo, bjj, and volunteer FF with aspirations of career).

I’ve read the articles and forums here for advice for some years now and was hoping to get some advice from you about some return to activity exercises, beyond just the general physical therapy exercises. Ex. Exercises which will help one become more athletic in a stability and mobility sense.

Thanks in advance for any help and advice you have, additionally, I apologize if I’ve broken forum protocol, I’m hard up for solutions and thought this would be a good place to talk to some like minded folks.