Hip/Low Back Pain from Deadlift

ok so today was lower day (deads)… after a good warm up(15min) and core training( 10 min) i proceeded to warm up on deads. everything was fine till the last set. it was my 5+ set of 531. i was so psyched up that i gripped and ripped it and in hindsight i realzed i didnt use such good form.

on my third rep i felt my right side especially the hip area click. i dropped the weight and was kinda scared. i felt pain but nothing sharp or anything like that. i would say like it felt something like severe DOMS. i stopped there and went home.

i feel soreness im lower back but more towards the side. i actually feel the pain more towards the glute/hip/oblique area. in the end of the day i noticed that there was swelling above my glute/hip. im afraid because i read alot about how people hurt their discs while deadlifting however the only consolation to me is that the pain is more to the side than on the spine itself.

hoping someone can help me make sense of this. sorry if the post was a mess. thanks again…

I just did the exact same thing on Wednesday. It isn’t a chronic pain, but I am “very aware” of my left side and I feel pain/like a gimpy old man when it comes to stooping/bending and getting up and down from a laying or seated position.

I limited my movement the next day and applied lots of cold/heat therapy in addition to taking anti-inflammatory meds (advil/ibuprofen). I’m bordering on old (39yo) but I have had no significant injuries and hope Father Time hasn’t robbed me of my chance to do dls and squats before I really get started.

has it been improving? im on my 2nd day now and it improved a little and the swelling is down. i still feel soreness though especially when sitting…

well been doing alot of searching online about my situation and have found that what seems to fit the bill with what im feeling has something to do with my sacroiliac joint. all signs point to it. the popping of the hip, pain on the right side above the glute. hoping someone can help me with this. (maybe bushidobadboy since he seems to know alot about this stuff).

little stuff about me that may give you guys an idea why i have this problem.

  1. weak glutes, not firing glutes. working on stengthening this.
  2. been told be PT before that i have tilted/rotated/unbalanced hips.
  3. been dealing with anterior pelvic tilt.
  4. tight hip flexors. getting much better than before.
    i pretty sure these are the causes of my injury.