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Hip/Knee/Ankle disfunction


So a while ago my squat form started suffering, I ended up injuring my sartorius because it started compensating for my glutes(im guessing) since I was having a hard time externally rotating my leg. Now today I can't squat because of a bunch of problems which I will list and HOPEFULLY come to the bottom of this.

I've been trying for 2 months to get to the bottom of this but physio doesn't seem to be helping too much or at least it does't feel like it's addressing the right problem.

So to start things off: I cannot contract my left glute the same way I can on my right, it feels hindered and it feels like my femorial head is way too far forward so when I stand up or squat or anything, my left hip tilts up and collapses forward(will post picture soon) and my right side has to compensate(almost feels like doing single legged squats with my right leg).

In combination to that, my left knee is internally rotated quite a bit(knee vulgus?) which has thrown my TFL into overdrive to compensate for my lack of glute activation. To make it even worse, my left calf doesn't contract the same way as my right. I've developed severe tightness on the outside to the point where twisting my foot to the left(even worse for the already caved knee) has become an instict/reflex.

I can't even get proper dorsiflexion without my my ankle being over pronated. So anytime when I try and squat now, my hip tilts up and forward on the left, my knee is going out but I have no stability in my hip or the use of my hamstring (internally rotated femur with TFL stabilizing/used as external rotator only, no glute) and my ankle collapse so it feels like the only muscle I can really use to squat is my adductors(left adductor/inner thigh). This is a huge problem because my knee is in a seriously vulnerable position for acl tears.

I feel like I can't externally rotate my leg so it throws my center of gravity off. I can't even lift my leg up and swing it out to the side because it still feels like my leg is thrown in an internal rotation (TFL contracts like there's no tomorrow) and it hurts my hip. My left abbs feel non existent to me as in I can't contract my left abbs.

I can't even hyper extend my back because only my right side extends and my left hip just falls forward. Not sure if this comes into play but my vastus lateralis feels like a ship rope and I can't get contraction to save my life.

When I get home I'll film what my squat looks like. Even typing this has gotten me worked up in frustration.