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Hip Issues

I’ve been having trouble with my hips for several months now. They just feel weak.

Which is odd. It’s like they’re not there when I’m squatting.

I used to squat very wide and recently stopped due to the fact that my hips weren’t letting me hit depth.

Now I’m having trouble squatting even with a very narrow stance.

I’m going to schedule a doc’s appt for it but I’m kinda sure he’ll just tell me to “stay off it.”

I mean, I hear about all the other muscle groups but I never hear about how to make hips strong or how to deal with problems in the hips.

I’m pretty flexible but it just feels like my hips aren’t activating when I’m squatting.

Thoughts or clarifications? I could try to explain better I guess, but it’s very hard to put into words.

Get a personal trainer. You need someone to look at your form and critique it for you.

Or, video yourself and post it here.

Form’s probably not the problem, I’m a competitive powerlifter with coaches that have coached lifters that went on to IPF World competitions.

I workout with a team, form gets torn apart pretty quickly.

I’m starting to think it may simply be an issue of over-use.

I also have hip issues.

I avoided wide stance squats for awhile, and focussed on a narrower stance and deads.

Your hip flexors may either be too tight, or too loose.

Your joints maybe be stressed from wear and tear. Try MSM/Glucosamine/Chondroitin. Also try cissus. And more fish oil. And back off til it feels better - a small setback now is better than having osteoarthritis when you’re old.

I visit a chiropractor and find that my hips are better after an adjustment. A good physiotherapist or chiro, who’s experienced in sports injuries, maybe helpful.

If you have any chronically tight muscles anywhere, start thinking about stretching them more - they maybe pulling your body out of balance and placing additional strain on your hips.

Do you do mobility drills to warm up? You should be doing legs swings in different directions. Lunges in different directions. Stepping over hurdles or the power rack bars. Side lunges under the power rack bars. Also static stretch the hip flexors. And you may need to do some glute activation drills such as side shuffles with bands around your legs. My guese is all the wide squats built up your adductors, which is good but you may need to strengthen your abductors. If your not doing these things they can make a big difference in your hip mobility and activation. They will make your squats and pulls stronger to.

Thanks for the help Evil Homer, any one have any idea how I could strengthen my abducters as per Homer’s advice?

Edit: Appreciate your help too Jinx.