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Hip Issues with Numerous Exercises

I have had ongoing anterior hip issues for awhile now. I mostly started to notice the issue awhile back when I incorporated KB swings and ATG squats into my program. Overtime it has gotten worse and now are a lot of exercises which seem to aggravate the injury…I’ll post the biggest offenders from the worst to the pretty bad-

Interval style biking/elliptical
Squatting (front, back, goblet, bulgarian, split, reverse lunges)
Deadlifts (Any stance, one or two legged)
Almost all ab exercises except crunches

Now I’ll post a list of exercises I can do with no hip pain even when loaded heavily -

Hip thrust
Step ups/forward lunges (as long as I take long steps)
Back extenstions/reverse hypers
Glute ham raises
Glute isolation exercises such as donkey kicks, bridges, side leg lifts, etc
Walking/hiking (unless it requires a lot of bending over such as squating to walk underneath low branches repeatly)

So over the past few months I’ve been doing what I can in this department without trying to aggravate the injury. The other day hip hurt again after pushing off the walls in a pool which I thought was strange…and I also recently tested some very light deadlifts which once again made the area ache. I’ve been to 3 doctors regarding the issue who just said it was a strain and I needed to rest…but it’s been about a year and a half and it can still easily get aggravated. I’ve done a lot of internet research and haven’t found anything that completely matches my symptoms…for awhile it was hard to narrow down the exact causes which I think made things worse. Any ideas if someone has anything remotely similar?