Hip Injury from Squatting with Knees Out


I suffered a hip injury when for the first time in 4 years of squatting tried to shove my knees out at the bottom position; I think my hip muscles were not accustomed to that stress.

The following videos show the movements that causes pain:

I went to the orthopedic surgeon and he ordered pelvis X-Rays which showed:

Soft tissue calcification adjacent to the right acetabular possibly ligament related.

Bone density was normal.

According to my ortho I damaged one of the ligaments.

He gave me some ibuprofen and the injury improved a lot but dumb me I thought I was ready to squat heavy again and I reinjured. Yes, I know, that was not a smart thing to do.

I have been foam rolling every part of my body includying some SMR with a lacrosse ball on my right TFL and at the beginning of the massage the pain goes away almost immediately but the relief is not permanent yet.

Single leg work was also included as I have never done that (only bilateral movements).

Anyone can offer some help?


Ligaments can take substantially longer than muscles to fully heal. Like the soft tissue work you’ve been doing thus far. There is such a fine line between adequate recovery and pushing the envelope. Does the injuried area respond better to hot or cold? That can be an indicator how far along you are in the recovery process

Hey Roberto,

Here is what I tell my patients, as pain decreases chance of re-injury increases. With soft tissue injuries, think pain gone…now tissue can BEGIN to heal. I have a sports injury clinic and I go through this daily. Once the pain is gone give it another 2-3 weeks. Then call it better, and begin to return to your workouts starting with low volume, then slowly build your volume over 4-6 workouts. Be patient, rushing to return to activity cause what happen to you. I hope that helps. PS ice after ANY activity for 20 minutes. Remember with icing… more is not better after 20 minutes your body will sense the cold and try to heat the area back up, so limit the icing to 20 minutes. used crushed ice or if you can find Cryopak makes a great ice pack and it goes against your skin, and will not burn your skin, I use them in my office.

Thanks a lot for your comments.

saps I haven’t used neither ice or cold for a while. Should I start with ice or heat?

I thought ice was used just in the first 72 hrs. since the injury took place.

What do you guys think of doing lower body exercises that don’t hurt while the hip injury heals and before returning to squat normally (i.e. single leg exercises, machines, etc.).

Right my therapy consist on strength, proprioception, and flexibility when I do lower body exercises.

I was told that this type of injuries do not respond to laser, ultrasound or electrotherapy which I found out too late and wasted a lot of money on useless rehab therapies that did nothing but empty my wallet.


Where does it hurt? in the groing area? near the buttock? on the outside by the tfl?


To be honest it is very hard to identify the pain area. It hurts from my buttock to the knee when I do the movements from the videos.

The pain feels deep on the area as touching any part of the hip (includying the groin) with my hands produces no pain at all.

I feel frustrated as everytime a doctor ask me that questions I just say “I don’t know exactly where the pain is located”.



Yesterday after my upper body workout at the gym (approximately 1 hour after) I iced my hip injury and today I woke up with the some pain, so I think that icing the injury was not a good idea.

I applied heat on the same day in the morning about 9 hours before going to the gym.

So 10:00AM heat->5:00PM gym->7:30PM ice.

Both heat and ice lasted 20 minutes.

Anyone knows why this reaction? Should I stick with heat instead, several times a day? saps?

Thanks a lot for your help,

Anyone has some comments?


So no one from the members who replied to this thread has any recommendations/suggestions?


Why are you icing a damaged ligament?


I just tried it that day.

Should I stick with heat instead?

I thought that ice was always the best choice just after working out.