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Hip Hop Workout Music


Alright i need some good Hip-Hop music to workout to...

so far these are the only ones ive liked:

Till I Collapse - Eminem
I'mma shine - Youngbloodz

and please dont tell me rap is crap.
i really dont like rock/metal music either.


Till I Collapse - Eminem I love it...Well I love Most of Eminems music...


there are plenty of hip hop / workout music threads in these forums already.

search and thou shalt recieve.


Prof.X started a thread in the BB forum about this a couple of weeks ago I think and got alot of responses.


go hard-kanye and tpain
move bitch-ludacris
a milli remix-lil wayne and korn
hate me now-nas
thug love-tupac
gangster's paradise-coolio
goin down-joc
top back-t.i.
you dont know me-t.i.
another sound mission-dilated peoples
mean jab-mac lethal
tear it up-pretty ricky and pitbull
el impacto-fergie daddy yankee
real nigga role call-lil jon
bloodhound-50 cent
rock bottom-eminm

Jeezy standing ovation

hottest line in rap history " I;m a real nigga and I don like rappers"- Young Jeezy


Daytona 500 - Ghostface
Winter Warz - Ghostface
Knuckleheadz - Raekwon
All of "Enter the 36 Chambers" - Wu Tang Clan
Ice Cream - Raekwon
Swordsman - Gza
Ebonics - Big L
Deadly Combinations - Big L and Tupac
Check 'n' Me Out - Def Squad
No Retreat - Dilated Peoples
Ain't nuttin but a g thang - Dr Dre
Today was a good day - Ice Cube
Liquid Swords - Gza
The Militia - Gang Starr
Ante Up - MOP
Da Rockwilder - Red and Meth
Rosa Parks - Outkast
B.O.B. - Outkast
Dead Wrong - Biggie
Kick in the Door - Biggie
Hail Mary - 2Pac
Ambitionz az a ridah - 2pac


Nas - Hate Me Now

Dipset - Crunk Muzik

Dipset - Bout it part 3

Santana's Town

3 6 mafia - act like u know me

3 6 mafia - memphis remix

project pat - ballers

eminem - way i am

ludacris - u got a problem?



I can't be bothered posting a bunch of youtube links but these are songs that I've either burnt out listening too whilst lifting weights or am currently listening too.

3 6 mafia - hit a mutherfucker, tear da club up

young jeezy - pretty much any of his three albums, also his fourth which is a compilation record of all his artists have some decent gym songs such as check, corporate thuggin

joe budden - dumb out, roll call, in my sleep,dear diary, touch and go

z-ro - look what you did too me(good preworkout song)

nas ft korn - play me

rick ross - trilla intro, mafia music

50 cent - get up

jadakiss - the champ is here, kiss of death

amil ft jay-z, memphis bleek, beanie sigel - 4 da fam

beanie sigel - what's your life like 2, all of the above, star

then you have the majority of dj khaled's music....big fan of before the solution, out here grinding and a few others


lil weezy - Prom Queen


You gotta be kidding me?

Workout music should always be rock.

Metallica (The old school stuff)





to name a few.

But hey what the fuck, if you get aggressive and in the right mood to set a PR while listening to teletubbies sound track compilation CD or to Barney then its OK. Whateva works for ya I guess aye?


Umm.. prom queen by lil wayne are you serious? ill pass...

also quoting young jeezy for the best line in rap history.. might wanna rethink that one..

i just cant stand people yelling.. it really gives me a headache...


Songs in constant rotation at my gym:

Move Around--BG ft Mannie Fresh
Never Scared--Bone Crusher
I'm So Hood
What You Gonna Do--Lil Jon
White Meat--Lil Jon
Role Call--Lil Jon
Gangsta Gangsta--Lil Scrappy ft Lil Jon
Everyday I'm Hustling--Rick Ross
Can't Be Touched--Roy Jones JR.
Go Hard or Go Home--Roy Jones JR.
The Beast--Tech N9ne
I Put On--Young Jeezy x10,000
Go Getter--Young Jeezy
Neva Eva--Trillville
Top Back--T.I.
Random Three 6 Mafia


2pac's "Hit 'Em Up"

Loop it.


how do you work out to Rosa Parks, Ebonics, G Thang and Today was a good day? do you just do cardio ;p


best tupac song for working out would be troublesome 96


Real men workout to metal.


Real men don't work out to anything ... they lift heavy shit to whatever the hell they want to and don't take advice from guys running out of water wearing short shorts as their avatars (just bustin' your chops homie ... kinda)


my life- the Game
family matters-Plies
any of DMX'S SHIT


New Jada shit is great to work out to. Can't stop me now, that song with Ryan Leslie, it's all good.