Hip Hinge Options During Layers?

Hi CT,

I finished Simple Guaranteed Strength and Size a couple of weeks ago and made some solid gains (50+ lbs to DL, 30+ to Squat, 20 to BP, 15 to OP). Now I’m looking for some more volume and the Layer System for 2Bs caught my attention:

1- Ramp to 5RM
2- Rest/pause with 90% of 5RM (max reps/rest 15 sec/max reps = 1 set) for 2-3 sets
3 - Slow eccentric (6010 tempo) with 70% of 5RM for max reps , 1-2 sets
4- Superslow reps (5050 tempo) with 50% of 5RM for max reps , 1-2 sets

I thought of running this for Squat, BP, and OP and then a fourth lift for the posterior chain. My set-up during COVID won’t let me do SGHP (I have to zip tie adjustable dumbbells onto the barbell to get enough weight!), but I know you don’t recommend running layers for DLs or RDLs.

  1. Would that still apply with the lower weights of the 2B version?

  2. Is there a more appropriate non-Olympic lift to hit the posterior chain and traps (snatch-grip DL)?

  3. Would it be better just to run a day of DLs and RDLs using double progression (4x4-6 and 3x6-8)?

  4. Or just do a Hepburn layer for DL (not the same kind of volume, I know)?

Following SGSS to the letter really paid off and I’d prefer to stick to your guidelines for layers, too. Any help is much appreciated.