Hip Hinge/Arthritis

Injury history-2007 broke LI and L3 2010 IT Band surgery both 2020 diagnosed arthritis both hips and degenerative disk in my lumbar with hip and low back pain with long walks elevated on the treadmill or flat.

Always susceptible to tweaking my back with training after the 2007 break but I’ve kept under control since 2018 by cutting out weighted hinge-no RDL/ bent row/ clean/ swing etc.

To try and get the arthritis under control and not advance I’m going to focus on the ROMWOD program to hammer my hip mobility.

Just curious- Anyone think I can reintroduce the hinge work after a while of dedicated stretching? How long before I risk it?

Maybe something without compression to start with? Pullthroughs maybe?

Love this video:

There’s no clearly defined criteria for this. As a whole, most rehab and “return to activity” protocols are based on function, not ability.

Can you hinge without load, without pain?

Thanks for the responses. Yep I can without pain, but under training load things tighten up and I get prone to very regular tweaks that will keep me out of the gym for several days and affect my ability to work

Okay, just so I get a better picture, have you been attempting to return to hinging recently, but experienced loads of tweaks? If so, what did your programming (lower and upper body) look like?

I’ve been running PPL. I am not planning a return until a few more weeks of dedicated mobility work-mostly I’m just curious if anyone that has had similar issues with lifts that involve hinging have been able to return to it or if it is doneski

I was including bent rows, DL, RDL, clean but in recent years was tweaking my back.

I have gone to entirely unilateral lower body work without any hinge or bent movements (I.e machine row instead of bent row) but I miss some of those movements

Well, you don’t need to look at mobility as your barrier to hinging. You should be able to just return and build up gradually.

Like @bighdx mentioned, pull-throughs would be awesome here, particularly if you perform them with the balls of your feet slightly elevated, and your heels on the ground. Start off with sets of 10-15 once or twice a week, at an RPE 6-7 and slowly build intensith over about two months. After that, sub a pull-through with a dumbbell or barbell RDL, sets of 8-12ish, again RPE 6-7, and slowly build intensity.

I wouldn’t return to bent rows for a while. Use your ability to perform tough sets of RDLs as your “barrier” to bent-over rowing

Great info thanks guys

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You can do banded pull throughs, with the looped band. Another way is to anchor it to a post, and stand away from the post, putting the band at the front crease of the hips. Take a couple of steps forward away from the post, stretching the band out. Now, let it pull your hips into a hinge. Then contract glutes, and straighten back up. If you wish, you can use a light kettlebell with this and it will be a light Romanian deadlift with the band forcing you to activate the glutes strongly.