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Hip, Groin Pain

For awhile now I have been having pain on my left inner thigh (approx. where the tendon meets the bone). It most often happens when I squat wide or with knees out, squat heavy, initiate a run, or do an isometric adduction contraction.

I do have some “hardware” in my right ankle from a surgery a few years ago that has affected some form and strength. Currently I am trying to fully gain equal strength in right leg and also work on squat form. Any other Ideas?

So I’ve been focusing on flexibility more and dropping straightdown instead of focusing on my dominate leg during squats. Extra focus on flexibility seems to cause a constant warm yet painful feeling the day after in the affected area.

A thought I had while trying to do light front squats today was to drop weight even lower (95lb range) and focus on hitting the form the causes Zero pain or even pulling on the muscle and do that over and over and over until I learn the pattern and slowly add more weight.