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Hip Grinding


Does anyone else feel their hips grind against their pelvis when their legs move in certain directions? Or sometimes doing exercises like situps and leg raises? It feels like my hip is jammed or something where it connects into the pelvis and it grinds when walking also. Been experiencing this for a few years now.


could be a mobility problem. Make sure your foam rolling the IT band and stretching your hip flexers, a lot.


that happens to me too... not sure why


Try these, hope they help:





Google Femoral Acetabular Impingement (FAI), I chased hip pain for years until it was eventually correctly diagnosed. The quick version is that the end of the femur isn't shaped correctly (it a congenital thing) and with extreme range of motion activities it will cause the end of the femur to grind into the socket, in my case it actually wore through the cartilage.

I had mine surgically repaired where they take a dremel to the femur and re-shape it and use micro-fracture to stimulate the cartilage to re-grow. The bad side was crutches for two months, no weight at all through the hip. I had it done 2 years ago this month and have been squatting pain free since I was cleared to resume training and competing.


I trained a client that finished physical therapy for that (who def was not done yet, so i realized). It was tough stuff for him, I hope you just need some more fish oil, OP.


i developed anterior femoral glide once i stretched out my hip flexors. turned out tight hip flexors were stabilizing the femur in the pelvis.

i discovered some of the smaller glute muscles were supposed to function to stabilize the head of the femur in the pelvis. to help pull it back so it wouldn't grind on the front.

x band walks wake up the medial glutes.
step-ups onto a high step woke up something else for me (so i was pulling myself up from squatting depth if that makes sense). little stabilizers that lie under the glute max.

i think different people do have different structures on their hip. with respect to how deep / shallow the pelvis socket is and to do with the shape of the femoral head. best to try and get the stabilizers functioning to stabilize rather than resorting to surgery if one can, though.


Not to hijack the thread but what kind of bands is he using in those videos?